Clear desk interaction

Today I’d like to share the creation of an activity to highlight a clear desk policy.

This is a simple photograph of a messy office desk.


Converted into a cartoon using


Using Photoshop I cut out the individual items, like the monitor and drawer etc. Then using storyline 1 I inserted the individual items and changed the states of them. When the learner hovers, the item get’s enlarged. When clicked, a trigger takes them to a layer of information and then the item becomes green when visited.

End result is the following image:

desk final

I can enhance this by adding a score, allowing the learner to earn points, by selecting the correct items that might lead to an information security breach. In order to make it difficult, I would not have an enlarge item state when the learner hovers, and get the learner to think what the correct answers might be.


Training Initiatives should be created as Learning Campaigns

A Learning Campaign could consist of key messages being delivered via:

Cloud 2

Blogs, E-mails, Face to face delivery, Online webcasts, Recordings of offline presentations, Posters, E-books, Screen saver, Video, Animation, Virtual classroom, Competitions, Themed informal events, Surveys, Quizzes, Top-up tests, E-learning modules.

You could add a social dimension, with discussion and sharing of useful knowledge.

Good campaigns have good stories that form a connection with the learner.

Have any of you created a Learning Campaign? Was it deployed over weeks, months or years? What was your experience?

What skills do we need as a Learning Technologist, Instructional Designer, E-learning Designer and Developer?

Identifying the training need
Understanding of different styles of learning
Knowing where to source images from
Knowing where to source music from
Graphic design skills
Programming skills
Writing audio scripts/Recording audio/Editing audio
Writing video scripts/Recording video/Editing video
Creating a storyboard
Working with the Subject Matter Expert
Confident in using an authoring tool
Project management skills
Writing Assessments/Tests
Testing the online course
Evaluating the ROI
Evaluating the course using the Kirkpatrick model
Basic knowledge of how to upload online courses onto an LMS
Keeping up to date with the advances in technology

Do you agree or disagree? Any changes you’d make to this list?

Within this blog I will share my ideas and experiences within learning technologies; I will look at what is good e-learning? Looking at multimedia elements that make up an online course. I will share the difficulties I face and lessons learnt, whilst creating content for e-learning, m-learningvirtual classrooms, 360 videos and VR. I will share useful resources and review books as well as random stuff I think may be of interest to fellow learning technologists.