Recording voiceover for an e-learning course

I have been recording some podcasts for a leadership programme. One of the modules was Giving Feedback.

In order to record the voiceover I used Recordium on the iPad, the free version (sound quality was good, in comparison to the microphone attached to my laptop), and converted the mp4 file to an mp3 using, it was then edited using Audacity (free sound editing software).

Any free audio recording or editing software that you’d like to share?


Adding audio to e-learning

Another project that I am working on is called iProduct, this is linked to the other Product Knowledge project and within this piece I have used voiceover.

I am facing challenges whilst deploying the course, as not all desktops have the sound card enabled and not all delegates have a headset.

Writing audio scripts is similar to radio scripts, audio scripts should have a hook that sparks the imagination and entices the learner.

Audacity is a free audio recording software and you can edit the sound within this software.

To find free royalty free music, use the Creative Commons site. Type the genre of what your looking for and select the music website.

8 tips to prepare audio scripts for recording

What do you think of this approach to blended learning?