The 20 Habits of Truly Brilliant Presenters

I’m due to present at the CIPD conference on Thursday. I haven’t presented to such a large number before, so I’ve been doing some research on presenting. I’d like to share with you the 20 habits of truly brilliant presenters created by Citrix.

The brain and stage fright

It always starts with a thought:

  • I’ll forget what I want to say
  • The audience will be bored
  • They will see I’m nervous
  • They won’t like me, believe me or agree with me
  • They will ask me questions I don’t know the answers to

The 20 Habits of Truly Brilliant Presenters

Habit 1: They acknowledge and reframe, it’s ok to be nervous, nerves are normal and it is a conversation

Habit 2: They focus on the audience

Habit 3: They don’t try to be perfect

Habit 4: They stick to the point

Habit 5: They see the opportunity, great presenters see the presentation as an opportunity to help their audience and add value to their personal or professional lives.

Habit 6: They anchor themselves, simply recalling a time you felt happy, confident, calm and relaxed

Habit 7: They practice

Habit 8: They tell stories

Habit 9: They use colourful, creative and compelling images

Habit 10: They involve their audience

Habit 11: They use videos and props

Habit 12: They use their voice by varying the pitch, tone, volume and pace.

Habit 13: They stay in the present. Sit back and focus your attention on your breath by feeling the sensation of each breath that you take in and the experience of letting each breath go.

Habit 14: They know how to make friends

Habit 15: They know what they’re talking about

Habit 16: They are consistent

Habit 17: They are generous. As a speaker, you have a wealth of gifts to share generously, your passion, energy, undivided attention, smile, eye contact etc.

Habit 18: They help them to see the contrast

Habit 19: They give them good reason

Habit 20: They give them hope

Wish me luck


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