Questions to think about when speaking to your SME

Why does this course need to exist?
What would happen if we didn’t create the course? How much could that cost the company?
What is the one clear change we want to see happen as a result of our course? How can we measure it?
Why is it important to the learner?
Which people are involved in the process or action?
How would you describe each person’s role?
Could you walk me through the process from beginning to end?
What would happen if person x didn’t do their part?
Is this step optional, or is it required to reach our goal?
What information or support do people have? Do they use it? If not, why not?
What pressures are people under?
Are people rewarded if they achieve the performance we need? How?
What mistakes do new people make?
Suggest resources ‘Nice to know information’

Any others that would elicit useful information on the content?


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