How can social learning and social media benefit your personal development?

Keeping up to date with technology is vital for a Learning Technologist.

How I use Twitter

I use Twitter to follow academics in the field of Training and Development.

The hash tag (#) is beneficial for events, I use the hash tag as a back channel for conferences that I cannot attend, as well as to catch up on discussions before and after an event.

There are many free links to resources via people I follow.

My twitter account is anj_patel

For more information please see this article by Connie Malamed
10 ways to learn from twitter

Useful sites:
Twitter Guidebook

There are many organisations out there that provide free white papers and access to free webinars.

Here are just a few:

Learning and Skills Group

E-learning Network

The E-learning Coach

Training Zone

Epic Learning Group


Upside Learning


Saffron Interactive

Learning Technologies Conference in London
World of Learning in Birmingham
DevLearn Conference & Expo in America


Useful resources

Ted talks


Any additional sites or events you’d like to share


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