Moving away from the information dump

What is good e-learning?

Put yourself in the learners’ shoes, could you sit through an hour long piece of online learning?

Do learners retain the information or is it just a tick box exercise for the business?

What are the learners training needs and expectations?

Don’t give them learning that is an information dump!  I have been using Cathy Moore’s action mapping technique, to eliminate unnecessary content. The learners do not need to know everything, and the difficulty is convincing the subject matter expert (SME).

How do we make the content interactive and engaging?

ü  Break the course into bite size nuggets

ü  Make the content relevant

ü  Use a conversational tone and not business jargon

ü  Include scenarios for hands on experience

ü  According to Stephanie Dedhar you should test and tell, rather than tell and test.

Some telling interactions include:

      Click and reveal




Some testing interactions include:

      Multiple choice question

      Spot the error

      Matching pairs

      Drag and drop

      Multi-path conversation

      Matching and sequencing

      Labelling activities

Please see my next post for an example of my current Product Knowledge project, which is still work in progress.


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